Our deep expertise leading to consistent and extraordinary results across a wide array of industries. We are Spring Krafts Events with us you can expect greatness every single event.

Corporate Events


We are proud to offer our corporate event management services. We would like to give you unique experience in that we can handle every aspect, the corporate services we offer.

  • ○ Annual Day
    ○ Family Day
    ○ Kids Day
    ○ Sports Day
    ○ R&R

  • ○ Employee Management
    ○ Office Decor
    ○ Social Responsibility Events
    ○ Festivals and Milestones

MICE Events


We contribute with a fresh and innovative approach to the exhibition and event industry. With the help of our creative designers, engineers and project managers that focus on solving problems for our Clients through real-world industry experience and a commitment to succeed.

  • ○ Meetings
    ○ Conferences

  • ○ Exhibition stalls
    ○ Fabrication

Branding & Promotions


No product or service exists in a vacuum-neither do we isolate communications from the overall brand experience. From strategic guidance and design support, we're built to position you for success.

  • ○ Product & Service Launch
    ○ Brochure and stationery design
    ○ Vision and mission statements
    ○ Packaging and product design

  • ○ Store Launch
    ○ Road Shows
    ○ ATL/BTL Activities

Artist Management


We are engaged in offering you artist management services for all your event need we are in collaboration with different genre of artists to spice up all your events.

  • ○ Celebrity Performers
    ○ Singers
    ○ Dancers
    ○ Rock Bands

  • ○ Event Compare
    ○ Illusionist / Mind Reader
    ○ Master of Ceremony
    ○ Manpower and Event Promoters

Wedding Events


We excel at capturing the joy of life through planning and designing all the wedding celebration you have in mind, and we are honoured to be a part of your storytelling journey. Thereof we offer services for

  • ○ Engagement
    ○ Haldi & Mehendi
    ○ Sangeet
    ○ Mandap & Reception
    ○ Photography & Videography

  • ○ Invitation
    ○ DJ & Music
    ○ Band Baja
    ○ LED Setup
    ○ Floral Arrangements

Kids Events


Saving the world isn't for everyone - unless you're a kid, and we know you want to give the best of everything to your little superheroes. We are here to provide you the services where the imagination of your kid can come true.

  • ○ Theme Decor
    ○ Customise Decor
    ○ Basic Balloon Decor
    ○ DJ & Music

  • ○ Return gifts
    ○ Fun Games
    ○ Fun Eatables
    ○ Photographer & Videographer

Logistics Events


The logistics of an event are the complex processes that get the people, places, and things in place for the big day (or days!). Event logistics is never an easy task, whether you're planning a corporate event or a wedding or even a birthday party. So, we are here giving one stop solution for your event logistics.

  • ○ Venue Selection
    ○ Hospitality
    ○ Travel and transport
    ○ Venue Arrangements

  • ○ F&B Arrangements
    ○ Packaging & Dispatching
    ○ Warehousing

Other Events


Spring Krafts Events has done N number of events and categorising these events is not an easy task, here some of our other services where we can help you providing the experience of a life time.

  • ○ Bachelor/Bachelorette Party
    ○ Birthday Party for Adults
    ○ Christening Ceremony
    ○ Anniversary Celebration
    ○ Naming Ceremony

  • ○ Dinner Dates
    ○ Cocktail Party
    ○ House Warming
    ○ Baby Shower
    ○ And Many More..